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Club History

The Columbus Rugby Club History

The Columbus Rugby Football Club’s Scioto Valley Men’s 15s Team can be traced directly to the Ohio State University Rugby Football Club, and the two teams have continued a close relationship over the decades. By the mid-sixties, the Ohio State University Rugby Football club had developed a powerful team, with a great deal of assistance from graduate students and a number of non-university players from the Columbus metropolitan area. However, by 1975, the team had grown to an unmanageable size and was able to produce six competent sides per weekend. Moreover, the first team did not have a single undergraduate on it, as the positions were being filled with experienced players moving in to the Columbus area for business and other reasons. At the conclusion of the fall season of 1974, it became obvious that a new club should be developed that focused on the entire metropolitan area as a club side and was not directly tied to the university. The first team president was Scott Rothy and the first team captain was Terrence Larrimer.

Scioto Valley’s first season was the spring of 1975 and was based upon a schedule very similar to the opponents for the Ohio State University. The selection of the name, Scioto Valley, was chosen to distinguish the team from the university and to highlight the fact that it was a metropolitan wide organization.

The Columbus Rugby Club History
The initial season showed a strong turnout and three full sides played regularly. The first season was very successful, primarily because the ranks were filled with veterans from Ohio State and other clubs whose members had moved into the Columbus area. Both the spring and fall season resulted in impressive records with only one loss each season. The Scioto Valley style was based upon an extremely high level of fitness and constant pressuring attacks. The team was not noted for its size, but for its speed and fitness throughout all positions. Yes, even Ron Kyser was fast in those days.

The second year saw Scioto Valley develop even further under the captainship of Larry Kuhns. The team went undefeated that season, culminating in the victory over the Chicago Lions 13 to 9 in the Mid America Cup in Indianapolis.