The Columbus Rugby Club

Mount Carmel Sports Medicine

Mount Carmel Sports Medicine is proud to announce a new partnership with The Columbus Rugby Club

The Columbus Rugby Club is partnering with Mount Carmel Sports Medicine to help create a safer playing field for the student athlete.

Mount Carmel is happy to provide:

–           Sports Medicine Fellowship trained Physician as well as a Certified Athletic Trainer for free injury evaluation on an as needed basis for any Columbus Rugby Club Player, Coach, or Family Member.

–           Athletic Trainer and Sports Medicine Fellowship trained physician at each home game, and Athletic Trainer for one practice per week during season.

–           The Athletic Trainer available through a 24 hour “hotline” that is available for any member of the Columbus Rugby Club family.

Having this “hotline” will allow consistent communication in any sports medicine related situations with athletes, parents, coaches, and any other health care providers. It is our desire to efficiently and safely serve the community, and help keep our athletes safe on the field.

Mount Carmel is currently engaged in a large scale project that includes the development of a comprehensive ambulatory campus to be located in southern Delaware County.  This campus will be available for new patients beginning in December. This new facility is centered on creating a destination for the community to access clinical services, wellness and prevention programs, as well as other community-based amenities for engagement and well-being.  Medical services will include sports medicine, family medicine, specialty medicine, alternative medicine, imaging (MRI, CT, X-Ray), physical therapy and various other wellness and prevention services.

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