The Columbus Rugby Club

Men’s 7s

The Columbus Rugby Club’s 15’s team plays out their season in the Fall and in the Spring every year. TCRC’s seven’s team, which is made up of some of the 15’s players, plays in the summers. Seven’s is a different type of rugby. With only 7 men on the field for each team and the same size feild ( roughly the size of a football field ) and only a 14 min game (7 min halfs)  this game makes for lots of excitement and very little room for error. Open field tackling, sprinting, hard defense, explosive attack (offense). The game requires the players to be in top physical condition.

Sevens is growing in popularity here in the United States very quickly because the game has so much to offer from a spectators viewpoint. Rugby sevens will be in the 2016 Olympics and the U.S. is really pushing to develop the players so that we can compete at a high level in the olympic games.

We have the priveldge of having a U.S. Olympic Development Academy here in Columbus that works directly with The Columbus Rugby Club. Our sevens program is one of the best in the country thanks to our relationship with the Tiger Rugby Acadamey which is owned and operated By Paul Holmes. Paul is an alumni of TCRC and also the Sevens Program’s Head coach.

If you are interested in Playing sevens for 1823 then please contact our President at

If you are interested in joining the Tiger Rugby Academy then please contact Paul Holmes at

Columbus Rugby Club Men's 7s